Vandertuig Boho

Where do I even begin with these gorgeous girls. They were a little camera shy but bribed them with some Smarties Candies and they were all about the smiles then. There was lots of peek-a boos, laughing, twirling, and giggling. It is always fun to photograph girls since I only have boys who hate to get in front of my camera.


As a photographer/artist I like to capture all types of emotions or feelings. We are not happy 100 percent of the time nor are we sad or angry 100 percent of the time. We feel different things all the time. Sometimes we feel more than one emotion at the same time. As adults some people think we need to have it together all the time, we need to be on top of everything all the time. But I hate to break it to those types of people. We will not ever have it together all the time or be on top of everything all the time. Life was not made that way. I do not know if being a photographer makes me feel more then others or what. But colors, sounds, smells all effect my emotions. I grieve when others experience a horrible loss or are just sad. I laugh when others are happy.

I used to think that I had to be someone else, I had to think the way they did, act the way they did, but I woke up one day and realized I was made to be exactly who I am. I express my feelings in many ways. I get tattoos, I write, I create pictures. I am me. I am who I am. I wear my emotions on my sleeves. I am no better or no worse then anyone else. I try to live my life as a light. Some will be drawn to it others will not. And that is ok. I often wonder when a person cries how come it is clear and not colored. I mean we bleed red how come we can not cry colors. ( I know that may sound odd to people, but I know what I mean when I type this)

When I create a picture I create it hoping that someone will feel something from it. I hope they are reminding by smells from when they are younger or scents that remind them of someone. I hope it tells a story or grabs at someones heart strings. I created these images of my youngest son in the fog with the emotion I was feeling. As adults we still have a inner child that gets lost in this crazy world of confusion. We get scared thinking we are left alone. BUT if we keep walking we will find ourselves not alone but with others who feel the same way and we will be able to walk out of it. And knowing that we can find hope in one another to keep our heads lifted above the fog of the world.

Carrasco/Garcia Family Photos {St. John's Parkway}

I had so much fun with this family. They had me laughing the whole time I was photographing them. I love when a family can joke around and have fun at a session. It makes the atmosphere so much more enjoyable to be in. The fog still lingered around for a little bit which made the background soft and dreamy. I love being at a location that has different looks when you turn around from pathways, to trees, to grass. (My favorite phrase from the whole session is Me: "Smile Adam". Adam: "I thought I kind of was.")

Nahial Family

I love when I can get magical light at a session created with a beautiful family! It is just perfection. From the location to the clients choice of clothing everything just fit beautifully. As a couple Brittany and Nick are wonderful, but as a family with their two girls it is just spectacular. This family is just all around filled with gorgeousness. I really enjoyed photographing this family!